Overhead Crane Safety & Quality Assessments

“100% client satisfaction, 100% of the time”

Dyna Crane Services is ISO 9001:2015 registered.  This most recent addition to our repertoire is something that Dyna Crane Services has always strived for. We strongly believe that quality over quantity is one of our most important contributions we can make to our clients.  “Performing quality work with the least amount of client downtime is ALWAYS our goal. Our quality statement, 100% client satisfaction, 100% of the time, is our priority.

Dyna Crane is COR certified and our most recent 3 year external audit was very successful.  After 7 years in business, Dyna Crane Services can proudly state that we have not had a lost time injury resulting from overhead crane work. We lead by example, and with the variety of sites that we work at we are proud to implement any and all client safety requirements, including documentation. We normally find that our safety practices are the most stringent regarding overhead crane work.  We set the bar in this regard. Download our COR certificate.

Being CWB certified in W47.1 is a priority for Dyna Crane Services.  Building and repairing cranes that will last is our top priority.  If something can be repaired rather than be replaced, especially to keep it in service, then that’s what we recommend.  Having this type of certification and experience helps keep your operations running, with little downtime and repair costs. Download our CWB Certificate.

Our scoring on ISNetworld (#400-195460) currently scores us at 100% on RAVs and we are able to provide WCB and CSIO letters on request to your companies specifications. The new questionnaire on this system has allowed us to completely revamp our safety manual, to include policies and procedures for all that we do.  As we all know, safety regulations are constantly changing, so by exceeding the minimum standard to start with, we save everyone time and money in the long run.

Download all of our certifications/registrations here:

DCS COR 2022-2025 CertificateCWB CertificationCWB Letter of ValidationAccident InvestigationsWhy have safety assessments and procedures?ISO Certificate of Registration

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