Overhead Crane Inspections in Regina, SK

At Dyna Crane Services, we believe in minimizing downtime and maximizing production time by having safe, reliable and well maintained equipment. Our highly skilled and trained crane technicians conduct full comprehensive preventative maintenance inspections according to provincial and federal regulations. We follow manufacturer’s requirements and maintain the equipment in a manner to truly suit your needs.

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

Dyna Crane Services performs monthly, quarterly and semi-annual inspections. Frequency of these inspections is determined by environment, usage, and lifting capacity.


Provincial and federal regulations require crane inspections to be performed at least once a year. We conduct full comprehensive preventative maintenance overhead crane inspections according to provincial and federal regulations.

Short Term and Long Term Inspections

We will come to your site for short or long term inspections, depending on what is required to be inspected and assessed.


Why Load Test?


As per existing Saskatchewan OHS Regulations, load testing is not a requirement in the province of Saskatchewan. However it is a requirement of CSA B167 which is a major governing body for overhead cranes and hoists in Canada.

Load testing is the proof of the integrity of the equipment. Without the load test, the end user and the crane manufacturer have only an approved design without the final proof of the structure, or the final resting place of the components.

If an incident occurs involving an overhead crane, the Saskatchewan OHS will be asking for the log book for the crane, the proof of design and commissioning of the crane and the proof of training for the operator. Dyna Crane Services keeps copies of all work done to each component on our state of the art electronic system whether it is a repair, inspection, modification or a new crane commissioning. This assures that our clients have readily available back up to their issuance of the original documentation.


These must be of an approved design and rated for the correct capacity of that design in accordance to accepted engineering principles.
Hoist, trolleys and bridges must also be properly mounted, wired, inspected, maintained, adjusted and commissioned as per the CSA approved standard.


During the testing phase, bridge deflection will be recorded on the load test certificate. Upon successful completion of these tests, all relevant documentation will be issued to the client and a copy will be kept by Dyna Crane Services in the client file and also electronically for our records.

A log book will be implemented for client use to store relevant documentation for the crane as it is supplied, tested and maintained, including all annual inspection documentation.

An operator log book must be used and completed by the operator at the beginning of each shift as per Saskatchewan OHS regulations.

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