Overhead Crane Services

At Dyna Crane Services, we offer true professional crane services. We have over 30 years of combined experience, specifically in the overhead crane industry. We are proud to offer the following overhead crane services to assist you in the maintenance and operation of the overhead cranes at your facility.

Loss Prevention from Overhead Crane Safety & Training

  • full comprehensive maintenance inspections
  • turn key maintenance programs
  • overhead crane operator training
  • rigging training, classroom and field
  • engineered lift consultation services
  • overhead crane safe work procedures
  • CWB certified production facility
  • overhead crane lift process assessments/solutions
  • overhead crane component and product training
  • modernizations and equipment life expectancy upgrades

On Call & Emergency Services

  • overhead crane repairs
  • 24 hour emergency on call services

Custom Overhead Crane Design, Built & Installation

  • professional engineering services
  • new cranes and hoists
  • custom machining and manufacturing services
  • overhead crane and hoist commissioning
  • complete overhead crane parts and components
  • custom below the hook devices

Crane Audits and Inspections

  • overhead crane accident investigation
  • load testing services
  • non-destructive testing
  • rigging and below the hook device inspections

We understand how important overhead cranes are to your business. If the equipment is down, there is a loss of productive and profitable time. We have proven that any well maintained overhead crane combined with trained and qualified operators are the best ways to prevent accidents or injuries and help prevent equipment failure. We believe in minimizing downtime and maximizing production time by having safe, reliable and well maintained equipment.