Overhead Crane Operator Training

Dyna Crane is a firm believer in overhead crane training and education. We are proud to offer Overhead Crane Operator Training as part of our valued services.

Did you know that nearly 98% of all crane accidents and incidents are the result of operator error? This large number is difficult to comprehend. Equipment failure only accounts for 2% of all accidents and incidents.

The old cliché of “all accidents are preventable” is the absolute truth. The ultimate responsibility belongs to the crane operator. Dyna Crane believes in education, training and responsibility. You can be certain that we will offer the best information and hands-on training within our capabilities.

Can you name or give an example of an overhead crane accident that was not the fault of the operator? What is the last line of defence against accident and incident? A careful, well trained operator is the best defence against incident.

If something isn’t right, the operator has the “right to refuse” unsafe work. The crane operator’s decision to complete an unsafe lift or deny the lift is what ultimately saves lives. We educate the operator to help them make safe decisions in the field.

About Our Overhead Crane Operator Course

Our operator course consists of a full day of classroom training, approximately 10 to 12 hrs and a full day of practical hands-on training. We prefer groups of no more than 10 students. Smaller classes generate class discussions and interaction. Larger groups tend to bring out the “shy” in some people, where they are reluctant to answer in fear of being wrong and humiliated. Small group discussions generate communication and working relationships between employees, which help boost morale in the workplace.

We offer 24/7 365 days a year safety support for the operator and the customer. If a critical lift is necessary on short notice, Dyna Crane will come to the site in the latest or earliest of hours to assist with your critical lift.