Overhead Crane Accident Investigation

When complacency becomes an issue and safety awareness values fall, we become victims of overhead crane incidents and accidents. When there is an unfortunate change in events anywhere an accident occurs related to an overhead crane, we can help.

Our Process

For overhead crane accident investigation, we meet with your site Safety Team to begin the process. We can contribute to the investigation specifically involving the overhead crane, rigging and with scene re-creation. Finding out why things went astray is the largest contributing factor in prevention.

Once we draw a conclusion based on facts and the events leading up to the overhead crane accident, we compile the chain of events in question and create a “specific incident awareness training” in a half day or full day course to help educate the operator, management and fellow workers on what had occurred and how we plan to prevent this from recurring. We believe that education is prevention.

Once the training course outline has been established, we meet to discuss course content. Final editing and approval is implemented and presented to management as a course for final critique and changes.

The course has evaluation sheets to be completed by all attendees. The evaluations are then passed on to our training department for evaluation of the course content and the evaluation of the instructor. This helps ensure that we offer the very best to you and your employees.

In the past, we have had a great deal of success with our overhead crane accident investigation service from start to finish. References are available upon request.

Our motivators are accident prevention, safety awareness and making the difference.