Kito Hoist Service

We provide service for Kito products across Saskatchewan and beyond. If you’re looking for information, or have questions or problems with your Kito product, give us a call – we know them well.

Kito’s manual hoists are recognized as Canada’s first choice for all types of heavy duty applications. Kito’s main difference is that their products are engineered to be smaller, lighter, and stronger so that they last over the long term. Leading edge manufacturing techniques increases Kito product quality. They provide smooth and quiet operation in their powered hoists and superior operating economics for your hoisting needs. Take at look at Kito website for more details.

At Dyna Crane Services, we’re able to service, design, and install these exceptional products for your overhead crane needs. You’ll get a Saskatchewan crane service specialist that can design, install, and service something just right to keep your business reaching new heights.