Overhead Crane Audits & Prevention

Dyna Crane Services offers site specific overhead crane audits & safety assessments. It all begins with a simple phone call. We will come to your facility to simply observe and note the process in your day to day operations. We analyze and compile the information into a total package for your review with improvement opportunities noted.

Improvement opportunities are sometimes overlooked in our day to day overhead crane operations. We become so complacent with routine that it becomes difficult to identify from the inside looking out. Because Dyna Crane is not a part of your day to day operations directly, we may have a more objective view of your daily operations from the outside, looking in. Once we meet and discuss possible solutions, the next step is making the change.

Making the change is often the toughest part of all. We offer to assist and educate the entire staff as to the reasons for the change, the hazards directly involved with existing overhead crane safety issues and why we need to change the process to make the difference. It may be something as simple as a rigging practice or as large as a safe work procedure to help eliminate the hazard. It can be a custom Below-The-Hook device that may help make the difference and simplify the process of dangerous rigging practices evolving into minimizing hazard elimination.

Customized Overhead Crane Safety Courses

Dyna Crane Services offers a custom designed site-specific Overhead Crane Operator Safety Course. We take into consideration all variables identified in your daily operations. We simply make a course to suit your needs. This includes site photography for “before and after” scenarios. The incorrect practices are then easily identified and discussed with the operators using visual aids and group discussions. Helping people understand is really what this is all about.

We follow and instruct according to provincial Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations and CSA B167-08 Regulations as they pertain to the overhead crane industry. We believe that education is the best defence to prevent accidents.

Let’s work together to make the change.